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Junior Stylist


Hey guys! 

My name's Jessica but people call me Sij because there is just to many Jessica's in the world!! I'm the 5ft italian blondie in the salon & I was born and raised in Toronto.

I realized I had a passion for hair when I started chopping off all of my Barbie dolls hair and then my dogs.. And then my friends :) of course I didn't know what I was doing but I was 9 playing with scissors and would try to cut any types of hair I could get my hands on. I regret not going to hair school straight out of highschool because I let people tell me otherwise, how "hairdressing isn't a real career" till you realize you need to do what you love and have a passion for it. I love seeing something transform from beginning to end & I love a hair challenge. 

Aside from my passion for hair, I think it's important to enjoy your life to the fullest and just have fun! Oh, & my fav thing to eat in this whole world: baskin robins chocolate chip ice cream! Yum. Lastly, always follow your dreams ~


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