Senior Stylist & Colourist


Whats up guys!

I'm Jessica, one of the colourists at this studio, but you can call me Sij ï¸ 

Where do I begin? I was born and raised in Toronto, and been a city girl ever since. At the age of 22 I decided to purse my dream of becoming a hair dresser and enroll in Marca College.

I'm happy I can say I l o v e my job! I'm passionate about what I do and I honour my craft. Creating, connecting, and bonding with people that put their trust in me. I get to wake up every morning and help people feel good about themselves! Hairstyling definitely has its moments, but you guys, my new and existing clientele, make it worth the while<3 

To the girls that don't know me, you'll get to know that I am a huge travel bug. Anytime I see an opportunity to travel i'm in! I'm really big on positive energy and enjoying life! I think its really important to live your life to the fullest and just be happy! Their is no telling what my crazy ass is gonna do next, I enjoy the thrill of new adventures! I also have an online shopping addiction, I love dancing, and making new friends. 

Life is one big journey and I'm just in it for the driveee and food haha

Cant wait to meet you lovelies ï¸

For any hair inquires email me at: | @siij_hair

And if you want to get to know me personally: @siij_